Yoga Teacher Training: weighing the pros and cons

Like most yoga enthusiasts, I’ve often contemplated getting my 200-hour yoga teacher training. It’s become almost a status symbol, or a mark of honor. As if all “true” yogis have gone through this rigorous, structured training.

I think I would enjoy it. I can picture myself forging deep bonds with the other students in my class. Opening up about my personal experiences with yoga. Allowing my heart to open more and journey deeper into my spiritual practice.

And, of course, there are obvious physical benefits. Although I practice frequently, doing the training would force me to practice even more. I’m convinced that I would come out of the yoga teacher training being able to do handstand and maybe even getting close to scorpion pose.

But every time I look into it more, there’s a piece of me that thinks it’s a little ridiculous. $3,000 and a few months of my life, all for a hobby? Would I even want to teach at the end?

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