The Ultimate At-Home Yoga Guide

Source: Kukoon Yoga
Source: Kukoon Yoga

My New Year’s Resolution back in 2014 was to do yoga once a week, every week, no excuses. While 2014 has long since come and gone, my yoga habit has remained.

But unfortunately yoga classes can be super time consuming. Let’s say you’ve got 10 minutes to get there, you want to be at least 5 minutes early, then the class is an hour to an hour and a half, and by the time you get home basically two hours of your day is gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy going to yoga classes. They definitely offer perks that yoga at home can’t bring you. The community and hands-on instruction are necessary to advancing your yoga practice. But sometimes it’s just not gonna happen.

When you’re pressed for time (or $$), doing yoga at home using online yoga videos can be a great solution. Here’s the tools you need to get the most out of your practice: Read more

Need More Motivation? 5 TEDTalks to Inspire


Some days (weeks… months…) you need an extra jolt of motivation and inspiration. Whatever you’re trying to work on, whether that’s a side hustle, fitness goal, or a work project, sometimes the energy fades, and we need an extra push.

If you’re not feeling motivated, you basically have two options:

  1. Fall off the tracks and never accomplish anything
  2. Pop in your headphones and listen to one of these awesome motivational TED talks

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