3 Step Process to Become a Morning Workout Person

Morning Exerciser

I have never been a morning person. I love sleeping in late, hitting snooze, and setting my alarm for the last possible minute (I often set alarms for 7:18 – somehow that extra 3 minutes is really going to do something for me!). But if you read much about working out, time and time again you hear about how people who work out in the morning are more likely to workout consistently.

And it makes sense! How many times have you been planning to workout after work and something comes up? Friends want to meet for dinner, you forgot you have to go to the post office, or a million other different things. It’s so easy for other commitments to pop up throughout the day, so working out first thing ensures you always have time for it.  Also, willpower gets weaker throughout the day – after a long (sometimes hard) day at work, sitting on the couch binge-watching Friends reruns may seem a lot more appealing than a workout.  Read more