Simple Green Smoothie 30-Day Challenge: Review and Recap

Simple Green Smoothie 30-Day Challenge_ Review and Recap

A while ago I joined the Simple Green Smoothie 30-Day Challenge – you can read about why I decided to do it here. But now that the challenge is said and done, it’s time to recap. I want to talk about my thoughts on the challenge, as well as if I met my goals that I set up in the first post.

The Challenge

For those of you who have never heard of this challenge before, I highly recommend you check out their site. Basically, the idea is to have a green smoothie (all smoothies include 2 cups of vegetables) every day for 30 days. They send an email at the beginning of the week with all of that week’s recipes and the shopping list. You can also buy all of the recipe cards ahead of time for $5 if you need more time to plan. I chose not to do that since I always go grocery shopping on Sunday anyway.

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The Importance of Trying New Things: 4 Ways to Move Outside your Comfort Zone

Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

Many of us often get stuck in a rut of doing the same things and activities day after day, week after week, year after year. We go to the same gym, talk to the same people at work, read the same types of books, and go to the same restaurants and bars every weekend. Routine is great – it creates stability and reduces stress – but novelty and forcing yourself outside of your comfort zone is also a really important part of life. 

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