Changing your Life One Habit at a Time: 4 Steps to Master Habit Change

The Power of Habit
The Power of Habit


Have you ever struggled to drop a bad habit, or struggled to create one you know you need? In his book The Power of Habit: why we do what we do in life and business, Charles Duhigg breaks down the “science” of habits and how to change bad habits to good. His book also really got me thinking about all of the habits that I use every day, either purposefully or not. (PSA: If you haven’t read his book, I highly recommend it!) The more I read, the more I realized how much of my life was just a result of habits, rather than me actively choosing or deciding something. I also realized how draining it is when I actually have to make a decision instead of just relying on habit. It seems like when I have too many decisions to make in a day, my willpower and energy get so drained that by 6:00 all I can do is watch Netflix.

So basically, I want to rework my day and my habits so that they work for me and towards my goals, instead of moving me farther away from my goals. I’m going to break down the process so that you can hopefully apply these frameworks towards your own habits:

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Mindfulness versus Meditation

Meditation versus Mindfulness

I was first introduced to mindfulness by my fiancé – his HR department was circulating mindfulness exercises as part of it’s wellness initiative. As he was describing the exercises and the videos, all I could think was, “this sounds exactly like what I do in yoga…”. So whether you’ve been doing yoga and wondering what the heck mindfulness is, or exploring mindfulness and wondering how it connects to meditation (or haven’t done either and are just curious!), I’m here to help demystify the two. Read more

How to Conquer your Fear and Get in the Weight Room

Weight Room

The weight room, in many gyms, consists of tons of jacked dudes in tanks doing bench press and deadlifts with giant barbells, all making similar grunting noises. It smells like sweat and testosterone and can be utterly intimidating for the average female gym-goer. We’ve been to bootcamp, we’ve done the at-home YouTube videos, we know the moves, but somehow we still shy away from the gym’s weight room. But strength training is sooo good for us, so how can we overcome this fear? Unfortunately, it eventually comes down to just getting in there and doing it, but knowing some etiquette and having a plan can help you feel more prepared and confident.

First, let’s start off with my weight lifting story: I was one of the lucky ones –  I started lifting all the way back in high school at the local YMCA. It was a very family-friendly place, and since I went right after school when it wasn’t busy, I wasn’t that intimidated lifting there.

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